Top 6 exercises that will accelerate the metabolism of those who lead a sedentary lifestyle

Self-isolation made many work remotely, even refusing to go to the gym. Many began to lead a
sedentary lifestyle. It is believed that the metabolic rate depends on genetics. And this is partly
true: the initial metabolism is determined at the time of birth. But you can’t think that changing
this is unrealistic.

Not only exercise speeds up metabolism

If you approach this issue competently, then you can already lose a couple of extra pounds in a
week. It is very important to maintain the daily calorie intake, without creating a severe deficit for
the body. It is also worth recalling that you can accelerate the metabolism not only through
training. Regular eating, a minimum of stress and a sleep pattern are true helpers in this
process. And for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, having no free time to visit the gym,
trainers have developed a set of exercises to speed up metabolism.

The simple cat exercise is good for the back and effective for fat burning.

They say it also calms the nerves.


Ideal for those who want to put their legs in order, making them slim and beautiful. There is
nothing complicated here, most will understand the exercise by its name.

How to perform?

It is necessary to put one leg forward and at the same time bend both legs at the knees so that
they form a parallel with the floor.

Walking the stairs

The simplest, but very effective exercise that everyone can find a place to do. All you need is to
leave the elevator in favor of the steps.

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How to perform?

You can make the task more difficult and climb through a step or run. So the metabolism starts
even faster.
What will happen to your body if you start walking 10 thousand steps a day?
One of the easiest recipes to start losing weight and improving your physical condition.


A familiar and effective exercise, but if done correctly. Common mistakes can only hurt your
knees and cause injury.

How to perform?

Stand up straight, arms extended or fixing them at the waist. The back should be curved and
the chest straightened. Hips move as far back as possible. The pose should remind you when
you are about to sit on a chair.


Plank is a good abdomen exercise

The most effective exercise out there. It involves all muscle groups, bringing them into tone. And
the constant implementation of the bar will positively affect the metabolic rate.

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How to perform?

Accept the emphasis of lying. Bend your elbows and place your forearms on the floor parallel to
each other. Engage your core, look between your palms. Be sure to tighten your abs and
buttocks. There should not be a large deflection in the lower back.

Push ups

Add the movement to the plank, efficiency will only increase. But then again, follow the

How to perform?

Take the position of the plank on outstretched arms, which should be placed shoulder width
apart. The palms should rest firmly on the floor. Then bend your arms at the elbow, bending
down. You can’t push the buttocks too much and create a large arch in the back.

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Jump Squats

This exercise is familiar to everyone since school times.

How to perform?

Start in the squat position, feet wider than shoulder width apart, arms extended to the sides at
shoulder height. Jump and quickly bring your arms and legs together. Land in the starting

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    • Hi! Here is the list if foods to boost your metabolism:
      Protein-rich foods.
      Iron, zinc and selenium-rich foods.
      Chili peppers.
      Tea, coffee.
      Legumes and pulses.
      Metabolism-boosting spices.

    • Hi! Here are some healthy morning drinks for weight loss: Lemon water with chia seeds, green tea, detox water, jeera water. You can also drink them before training to increase the fat burning effect.


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