Gym workout: how the training will look like after the pandemic

We learned about the new conditions from the CEO of a fitness network. Fitness clubs have not been working for more than two months. Since March 21, they have been quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, customers immediately found alternatives: first – street workout, and when it was also banned, – online workouts at home.

It looks like everyone has already adapted and significantly saved money, without overpaying for sports clubs. However, the true fans of the gyms can no longer sit still. They are ready to rush into treadmills and grab the barbells. We talked to the CEO of the World Class fitness club chain. We found out when gyms will start opening and whether we can go to the pool and spa as before.

When will fitness clubs open?

Currently, there are no instructions, but the owners hope that clubs will be allowed to open in the near future. It is worth noting that modern fitness clubs, equipped in accordance with all standards, are much safer to visit than many other public places. In almost all the regions, fitness clubs are still closed.

How will gyms work after opening?

There is an official list of recommendations for fitness clubs. Most of them are quite logical and explainable, their implementation will be effective, but there are several very controversial points that the owners plan to discuss with the government in the coming days. Now a large amount of work is being done related to preparations for the opening.

Will spas, saunas, pools be available?

For pools, spas and saunas, a number of rules and restrictions are also prescribed. A pool is possible provided that at least 10 square meters of pool track will be allocated for each visitor.

Everything will be calculated based on the total area of the swimming pool

Most sport clubs have a three-stage cleaning system: the entire volume of water in the pool is treated every 6 hours, including with UV lamps. As for the work of spa centers, authorities have already lifted restrictions.

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