Maximum Energy: 8 Exercises That Help Burn the Most Calories

We collected strength, plyometric and cardio exercises with the highest efficiency. Is it possible to reduce training time without reducing effectiveness? It is, if you focus on the exercises that burn the maximum amount of calorie. For this, kickboxing, CrossFit, rowing machines or TRX are suitable. But in this article we collected the simplest exercises that do not require specific equipment. Only 20 minutes of intensive training will help burn from 250 kcal.


Calories burned: about 19 kcal per minute.

According to various estimates, one burpee burns 0.5-1.4 kcal. Depending on the fitness, a person can make 10-20 burpees per minute. Keep in mind that the more your weight is, the more calories you spend on exercise.

Weight Training

Calories burned: about 15 kcal per minute.

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin found that kettlebell swing burns more than 20 kcal per minute, if you train for at least 20 minutes. You can also do circuit training for different muscle groups and include, for example, squats and lifting weights above your head. It will help burn from 9 to 13.5 kcal per minute.

Rope jumping

Calories burned: about 14 kcal per minute.

A jump rope is familiar to everyone since childhood and it is extremely effective. If you set the pace to 100-120 jumps per minute, you can burn from 11 to 16 kcal in a short time. You can achieve even greater results if you take a weighted rope.

Squat Jumps

Calories burned: about 13.5 kcal per minute.

Regular squats can be modified and, for greater effectiveness, you can combine them with jumps. This exercise doubles the metabolic rate for another 30 minutes after the exercise.

Stair running

Calories burned: about 13 kcal per minute.

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Running up stairs (and even walking up stairs) requires burns much more calories than jogging. On average, 10.5-15.5 kcal per minute is burnt. To increase efficiency, you can use the technique interval running: alternate 30 seconds of intensive running and a minute of light running. You can also burn more calories by lifting your knees while running.


Calories burned: about 12 kcal per minute.

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Еhe main thing here is to run at a speed of at least 10 km / h. It is even better to run in intervals: a minute of intensive running, 30 seconds of walking, two minutes of light running. Depending on the weight and fitness level of the person, running will help burn 9.5-14 kcal per minute.


Calories burned: about 12 kcal per minute.

Bike is not only a wonderful vehicle. Biking is also a great way to lose weight. The faster you cycle, the more calories you spend. The average person burns 10-14 kcal per minute, but depending on the style of biking and the load, you can burn up to 33 kcal. Greater efficiency can be achieved if you cycle not on asphalt, but on rough terrain and use cycling intervals: 30 seconds of intense cycling, then two minutes of slow cycling.


Calories burned: about 12 kcal per minute.

In summer we go biking, and skiing is a winter alternative. Depending on your weight, skiing at a speed of 15 km / h burns 13-21 kcal per minute, 10 km / h – 7.5-12 kcal per minute. Perfect option is skating on the track with ups and downs, so you can burn even more calories.

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