Shoulder Girdle Exercises to Increase Flexibility Improve Shoulder Strength

The muscles of the human shoulder girdle are of great importance, since they, together with the shoulder blades and clavicles, provide support, as well as stable operation of the upper limbs. Thanks to their reduction, a person can normally move his hands, satisfying his natural needs, therefore, special attention should be paid to the development of the shoulder girdle.

Shoulder Flexion, Downward and Upward Rotation of Scapula, Muscles Involved

Of course, the shoulder girdle does not work in isolation. The movement of the shoulder girdle of the human body is due to the joint activity of various muscles. These include:

  • trapezoidal;
  • deltoid (consists of three bundles);
  • rhomboid;
  • corner
  • large toothed;
  • teres minor;
  • infraspinatus;
  • subclavian.

It is necessary to engage in the development of the shoulder girdle in the group. Moreover, you must take care of the competent preparation of the muscles for the loads, timely having a warm-up. And after class, it is recommended to stretch to restore the structure of the tissue and saturate it with oxygen.

Shoulder Girdle Warm-up set

To warm up you can do the following exercises:

  1. Shoulder rotation. You need to stand level with your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your back straight. Keeping the head still, perform the movement of the shoulder girdle first back and then forward.
  2. Shoulder lifts. They rise to maximum height on inhalation and then fall on exhalation. Stretching the shoulder girdle consists of a small number of exercises. Therefore, they are easy to remember.
  3. Hands should be extended at the elbows. First, they are rotated forward, and then backward. Act with great speed to work your shoulder muscles well.
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Shoulder Exercises for Scapulothoracic Joint

To pump these muscles, it is necessary to make them perform the usual movements with higher loads or intensity. Moreover, each bundle of the deltoid muscle is worked out separately. Do not forget about stretching the shoulder girdle before starting. For the front beam, do the following exercises:

  • Bench press Arnold;
  • Lifting arms with dumbbells forward.

For the middle beam, do the exercises:

  • Dumbbell bench press;
  • Dumbbell raised to the side.

For the back beam, do the exercises:

  • Dumbbells raised the side in an incline.

And besides, do not forget about the need to study other muscle groups that work in conjunction with the deltoid. When performing isolation exercises, remember the basic ones. Indeed, the developed shoulders will look attractive only if your body looks harmonious, all the muscles work harmoniously and stably.

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Shoulder extension after workout

When you finish doing exercises aimed at developing the shoulder girdle, be sure to take a few minutes to stretch. You need to proceed as follows:

  1. Raise one arm and extend in front of the chest, and then take it to the opposite shoulder. Help yourself with the other hand – you should feel a stretch. But don’t bulge your shoulder. Start warming up your shoulder girdle with this exercise.
  2. Bind your hands. The elbow of the right should be above the inner fold of the left. In this case, the fingers of the left hand should tightly clasp the wrist of the right.
  3. Clasp your hands behind the lock and stretch yourself carefully.
  4. Put one hand against the wall, and put the other on top of it. Push down a little. Rotate with your shoulder, relieving tension, and simultaneously turn your back to the wall. Repeat for the second hand.
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Be careful when stretching. It is important that you do not feel pain – otherwise, you can damage your muscles. The functions of the shoulder girdle are very simple and equally important. Give proper attention to this muscle group and look gorgeous!

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