The 6 Best Ab Exercises to Do at Home: Abs Workout for Home

Building abs is not a science. It is simple and straightforward. Below are the best ab exercises to do at home. You have seen them before. You have already done them before. You already wanted them to be effective before. What is the difference? You will perform them in the sequence that is most effective to strengthen your muscles.

best ab exercises at home

The 6 Best Ab Exercises at Home

Extra bonus? You will perform only one set of each abs exercise at home until you can no longer do this. Exactly. You choose the intensity yourself, and your body decides how far you can go. This will allow you to improve your results as quickly as your fitness level allows you. You do not need someone who will tell you to perform 12 repetitions, while you cannot do eight for a start. Each time you will give all your best, and this is what will allow you to achieve better muscle strength than ever!

1. Plank

The plank is a great exercise to begin your workout for your internal abdominal muscles. Since there are no repetitions as such, your main goal is to keep your torso straight, as shown in the photo, for as long as you can. According to a certified personal trainer Brian Pankau, this is “the best exercise to strengthen the internal muscles as it uses the muscles of the whole body.”

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2. Bicycle Crunch

Getting into the rhythm is the key. Make your legs move as if you were riding a bicycle, and stretch your elbows to the opposite knees, as in the video. Pankau explains that these twists “are just perfect for the oblique and abs muscles, and also help warm lower body for further training.”

3. Double Crunch

The good old school is represented by double-crunch. Please note that you can not pull your neck forward and swing your legs to complete the repeat!

Pankau said: “The key to doing this exercise correctly is to tear the tailbone and shoulders off the floor.”

4. V-Up Crunch

You could not stand V-shaped twists as a child, you may not like them even more now, but you cannot deny that they are effective. Hold each repetition for a second, feel a real burning sensation. Try to shape your body as much as possible similar to the letter V. You will understand that you are doing everything right when you feel a burning sensation in the lower part of the abs and the oblique muscles of the abdomen! Enjoy it!

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5. Dumbbell Wood Chop

The Lumberjack exercise is best performed near the end of the workout for a good stretch. You will use all the internal muscles of the abdomen during this exercise. Just remember that movements need to be performed smoothly, do not sway around your axis.

6. Superman Exercise

If you will not be grateful to us after completing this exercise, it means that you did it incorrectly. There is nothing heroic in this exercise except for the name, but it stretches the abdominal muscles and involves all the muscles of the body, so you become more flexible and enjoy the benefits of this.

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This exercise is ideal for finishing the training of the internal muscles of the abdomen, as it stretches all the muscles of the abdomen simultaneously.


  1. Its hard for me to keep my legs completely straight when doing leg raises or v ups. Will i grow into being able to keep my legs straight out through reps or is it a bad form ?

    • Hi! Yes, with time you’ll get better form, but it’s important that you stretch! It really helps with form, and prevents injuries!

    • Hi! I would recommend an intense one three times a week. Don’t just do crunches; choose core exercises like planks and v-ups.

    • Hi! All these exercises are effective. You can combine them in any way you like. And you can pick up some of them and include in your routine!


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