How to Get Rid of Belly Fat: Diet, Workouts & Exercises

Today we will try to fully tell you about how you can remove the stomach. This topic applies not only to women but also to men. In this article, we will consider the causes of obesity and their solution, give recommendations for compiling your diet, and select a set of physical exercises.

Know that any obesity must be eliminated because, in addition to the inconvenience and discomfort in movements, this can lead to the formation of serious diseases, one of which is diabetes. The main reason why many people want to get rid of their full abdomen is to gain a slim and athletic figure, and a drooping belly is the main enemy of harmony. Let’s analyze why we have a belly.

What Causes Belly Fat?

There are lots of reasons for the appearance of obesity in the abdomen, and this is due not only to the fact that a person drinks a lot of beer. Beer is far from the only, and often not even the main, motive for the appearance of a drooping abdomen. Let’s look at and analyze the most common causes of obesity in the abdomen.

Improper Nutrition

Most often, it is the wrong diet that causes the appearance of the abdomen. The lack of a full meal, replaced by snacks in “public catering” or spontaneous eateries, leaves its negative imprint. These snacks consist of food harmful to the body, which, together with malnutrition, has a negative effect on the body to a double degree.

This also includes unbalanced food intake, when you drink a cup of coffee for breakfast and eat a sandwich, skip lunch, and with dinner you compensate for everything that is not eaten for the whole day. Thus, in the evening, you load your stomach and:

  1. As a result, it is difficult for the stomach to cope with such a load, and it translates excess food into fat;
  2. As a result of the fact that the stomach is without food for a long time, it makes “stashes” in the form of fat for itself, so that it would be possible to nourish strength from before normal eating;
  3. To cope with such a load, the digestive system needs a lot of time, and since eating takes place in the evening, this process is delayed until you go to bed. Accordingly, the main rule is violated – do not load the stomach before bedtime;
  4. After eating in the evening, as a rule, you lie down on the sofa and watch TV. As a result, the excess calories are not burned, but are deposited in the hips, legs and stomach.

The last cause is overeating. Overeating works in the same way as unbalanced food.

Health Problems

The appearance of excess weight in the abdomen may be the result of any disease that leads to obesity. Most often, it is the problems in the functioning of the intestines and the digestive system as a whole that can cause the formation of fat around the waist.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Analyze the age at which people most often face the problem of obesity in the abdomen. It begins after 25 years, when a person begins a sedentary lifestyle. Being young, you often walked with a company of friends and girlfriends. You visited various kinds of entertainment venues. In a word, you had an active lifestyle. Now you already have a family and there is no time to walk around the city. From point “A” to point “B” we most often move either by public transport or by taxi. As for men who have a car, there is generally no need to talk about any body movements, since they even get to the store across the road by car.

As a result of all this, calories are not burned, muscles do not receive the necessary activity, and this leads to the formation of excess weight.


Few of us pass by stressful situations and experiences. But this directly affects our bodies. As a result of frequent experiences and stresses, our body creates a “protective layer” in the form of fat, thereby trying to protect itself from external negative influences.


As it was sung in one very famous song from the past: “Drink beer at dawn, drink beer before bedtime, drink beer on the grass, drink beer at the table …”, but some of us do just that, every day bringing the lines of this song to life. Everyone knows that the drunk beer is measured not in glasses and not in bottles, but in liters. After you have drunk a couple of liters of beer, it is natural that the stomach is constantly stretched, and the stomach is enlarged. In addition, beer has a high-calorie value, and also includes a large number of toxins.

Why did we start with the causes of obesity in the abdomen? In order to deal with any problem, it is necessary to understand where it came from and then eradicate it; the problem of the hanging abdomen is no exception. It makes no sense to take any action if their result is crossed out.

best ways to get rid of belly fat

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

After we have analyzed the causes, they must be eliminated, since this is an obligatory step in losing weight in the abdomen.

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Proper Nutrition

The first thing you should do is start eating right. It is advisable to distribute the daily diet in such a way as to exclude the overload of the digestive system.

Eliminate trips to fast foods and refuse: hot dogs, shawarma, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, and other fast food products. This group of “enemy” products also includes semi-finished products: meat, fish, dumplings, and other semi-finished products. We will not ignore instant products: noodles, potatoes, rice, and others. We use all these products both for our main nutrition and in the form of a snack at work – you need to forget about it, otherwise, your hanging belly will remain with you forever.

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In proper nutrition, there is no place for beer and any alcoholic beverages. Their consumption should not only be limited but categorically excluded.

A little later we will explain in more detail about how to eat right, and about a diet for weight loss.

Check Your Health

It is advisable, before you begin to resolve the issue with your stomach, it is best to consult a doctor to determine why you are overweight, not only in the abdomen but throughout the body. Perhaps the cause of the appearance of excess weight is some kind of ailment. It is necessary to start a diet and sports only after treating it.

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Try to move as much as possible. For example, if possible, walk to work, or get off one or two stops earlier if you take the bus from home. As for men, if possible, try to use your car less, and walk. Take evening walks with your family as often as possible. Go outdoors. Visit various entertainment venues and other events in order to lead an active lifestyle.

Stress Resistance

Get rid of stress and anxiety, even if this is not the cause of fullness. If work drives you into stress, change it, because completeness is only the beginning, and then it can develop into chronic and serious diseases. Other causes that are less common than work are stress and anxiety – family conflicts. Do not lock yourself up or suppress everything in yourself. Solve all the problems that cause you stressful reactions and feelings.

We make the right diet. Above we have already touched on the fact that you need to refuse food from fast food, convenience foods, instant foods and beer. It is also necessary to exclude products containing sugar: sweets, chocolate, cakes, pastries, cookies and the like. Eliminate fats from the diet: meat, butter, lard, sour cream, etc. White bread is also prohibited, only bread made from wholemeal flour or bread made from cereals is allowed. As for cooking, it is strictly forbidden to eat fried foods. Products can be stewed, baked, boiled, steamed, or eaten raw.

diet to get rid of belly fat

Diet to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Your diet should consist of healthy and nutritious foods. Build most of your diet on the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, we emphasize again, fresh, not canned. Include in your diet seafood, eggs, poultry, low-fat dairy products, cereals, cereals and cereals.

It is recommended to establish a five-time meal, which should consist of: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. As for the meal itself, it is best to have it at the same time with uniform intervals.

Let’s consider how your diet should look:

  • Breakfast. For breakfast, prepare light and hearty foods. It can be eggs, cereals, vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, and more. We recommend drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice or compote.
  • Lunch. Have an intermediate meal in the form of a snack. Fresh fruits, yogurt, toast with low-fat cheese and milk are best suited for this.
  • Dinner. For lunch, the body must be fully provided with food. Soups, either vegetable or a weak chicken broth, will be good dishes for lunch. After eating, you can drink a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • An afternoon snack. Have another snack. We recommend having a bite of a large portion of vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil or vegetables baked in the oven. You can also give preference to low-fat cottage cheese with fruits or dried fruits.
  • Dinner. The last meal, but you don’t need to eat too much. A very good option for dinner is baked fish or chicken. To this you can add cereal or porridge.
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Once a week, try to make a fasting day, it is beneficial for the body and effectively helps to fight excess weight.

We want to specify the drinking regimen separately. During the day you need to drink still mineral water. It is strictly forbidden to drink sweet drinks, even store juice, only still mineral water, green tea, compote and fruit drink.

Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat

When you start to stick to a diet, you begin to lose belly fat with the help of physical training. It is advisable for you to start practicing in the gym, where there are all the necessary simulators for this and a trainer who will select a special set of exercises for you and will oversee your classes. We will tell you about how you can quickly remove the stomach at home.

For effective and quick weight loss of the abdomen, it is best to divide sports activities into two stages; the first stage – morning runs, the second stage – sports exercises in the evening.

Let’s start with jogging. Jogging must be done in the morning, before work. To do this, go to bed early so that you can easily and safely get up in the morning. After you have breakfast, go for a run. Jogging should last from 20 minutes, 5 days a week, and on Saturday and Sunday take a day off. It is necessary to start the run with a walking race, the main part of the run must be built on an intense run, and the run must be completed by a moderate run.

best exercises to get rid of belly fat

The 5 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Here we are gradually moving on to physical exercises. The following set of exercises is recommended to be performed every day until you achieve the desired result. When the desired result is achieved, do the exercises three times a week to maintain athletic fitness.

It is necessary to start sports classes with a short warm-up. Everyone knows them from the gym class. Sports classes will consist of general exercises, which we will describe below, and special ones, which will be described in more detail by fitness instructors in the videos.

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1. Squats

Squats – general exercise for the whole body. Everyone knows how to do it. Legs are the width of the hip joint, the back is straightened, and hands are on the belt. As you exhale, squat and straighten your arms forward. While inhaling, rise to the starting position. Keep your back level while squatting and do not take your heels off the floor. The exercise should have 20 repetitions.

2. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches. This is one of the most necessary exercises. Lie on the floor, grab your hands, and lock your head.  The legs should be slightly bent at the knees. As you exhale, raise your torso so that your left elbow touches your right knee, then vice versa. Do the exercise 20 times.

3. Straight-Leg Sit-Ups

Tilt forward. Exercise for the muscles of the abdomen, back and legs. Lying on your back, legs straightened and slightly apart to the sides, put your hands behind your head. As you exhale, raise your torso and try to reach your fingers as far forward as possible. To achieve the best effect, when bending down, try to spring the body. Five attempts will be enough.

4. Torso Twist

Turn the body. Help strengthen abdominal muscles. Stand evenly, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands in front of you, bending at the elbows. Turn the body first to the left, springing two times, then fixed for a few seconds in a level position and in the same way perform the exercise to the right. This must be completed within 30 seconds.

5. Standing Upper Body Circles

Make circular rotation with the torso. Strengthen the muscles of the back and abs. Feet shoulder-width apart, bend your arms at the elbows and press to chest. Begin to rotate the body clockwise, then counterclockwise. Perform 10 revolutions in each direction.

It is very important to take water during the exercise. Before starting a workout, drink half a glass of water, then try to drink every 10-15 minutes, in between exercises, taking a few sips. This must be done in order to avoid dehydration. After training, you can drink a glass of water.


Take a contrast shower every morning, and a hot foam bath in the evening. Water procedures positively affect the body, and most importantly, they perfectly help to get rid of toxins that come out of our body with sweat.

Be sure to motivate yourself so that it stimulates you throughout the entire period of dieting and exercise. With perseverance and self-confidence, you will surely succeed.


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