L-Carnitine Liquid: What is It, Benefits & How to Take

Among all fat burners that are used in sports, L-Carnitine is the most common and popular. Even though it is considered to be far from the most powerful drug, the total number of useful properties more than exceeds other additives. Nevertheless, a large number of misconceptions are found precisely in the issue of application. Which is better to buy, liquid L Carnitine or give preference to capsules? Should you take the supplement three times a day or just before exercise? In this article, we will not only consider the main properties of levocarnitine, but how to take it correctly, as well as which form should be preferred.

What is L-Carnitine Liquid?

To begin with, we will analyze what this supplement is. Levocarnitine is a natural vitamin-like substance that is produced in the body. It performs a number of important functions, although the most useful in sports is fat burning. It is important to understand that in the body L-Carnitine is synthesized in the amount that is necessary to perform all the basic functions. Only an additional intake of the substance as an additive allows you to get a number of effects, including fat burning, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and other properties. Among the main effects of L-carnitine, it is worth highlighting:

  • acceleration of fat burning,
  • improving physical and mental energy,
  • increasing stress tolerance and reducing the effects of stress,
  • anabolic action and protection of muscles from destruction,
  • protecting and strengthening the heart and blood vessels, and
  • accelerating tissue regeneration and strengthening bones.

Such a wide range of effects allows the substance to be used both for prophylactic and medical purposes (part of some drugs), but most often it is customary to drink levocarnitine as a means for losing weight.

It is important to note that the supplement will be effective only during training. Contrary to frequent misconceptions and opinions, L-Carnitine does not burn fat without exercise.

Unlike thermogenic, appetite blockers, and other supplements with a fat-burning effect, this substance speeds up the utilization of fat during exercise. Thus, it is possible to simultaneously break down fat depots faster, reducing the fat layer, as well as increase the energy level, which is very useful for long and intensive training. Aerobic exercise is best suited for the effect. In power sports, L-Carnitine can also be used, but more as an additive with a complex effect (strengthening the cardiovascular system, mild fat burning and increased anabolism). For the levocarnitine effect to be complete, the cardio session should be at least 30 minutes (preferably 40–45 minutes). Up to 15–20 minutes, the body will use the accumulated glycogen reserves at a low-intensity load, because the process of fat burning, which is accelerated by supplementation, will only fully occur after this period.

what is l-carnitine liquid

L-Carnitine Liquid vs Pill: Which Is Better?

It’s not a year yet and already there is the debate about which form of the additive absorbs better. Tablets are considered a classic option, although judging by the ratings, the most high-quality and well-known manufacturers often produce an encapsulated form. Capsules dissolve faster than tablets and begin to act earlier, which can be attributed to the benefits. With regard to L-Carnitine liquid, you can meet the largest number of misconceptions. Moreover, manufacturers are pretty manipulating this to improve sales and profits. It is believed that in liquid form, the supplement has the advantage of better and faster absorption, although not one of the research results confirms this fact. Moreover, science cannot say exactly in what form the additive will work better, since it is, in fact, one and the same substance. Therefore, the difference lies only in ease of use.

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It is easier for some athletes to take a few capsules before training, while others are more comfortable to dilute a portion of liquid L-Carnitine with water. Someone will give preference to the powdered form. The active substance will work the same in any case, but if we talk exclusively about the advantages of a liquid form, then some advantages should be highlighted:

  • With prolonged cardio (40-60 minutes), you can drink evenly throughout the session. It is enough to drink diluted L-Carnitine with water throughout the workout.
  • It is easier to vary the dosage if necessary.
  • The additive most often has flavorings, so you can add it to water and any drink.
  • It is absorbed faster by the body.

Regarding the last point, it is important to note that in liquid form, the substance is really absorbed faster, since it enters the stomach immediately. Nevertheless, if in the case of tablets, the difference can be 5-10 minutes, then the encapsulated form is absorbed in no more than 1-2 minutes. It is this amount of time that the gelatin capsule shell dissolves in the stomach. In addition to mild advantages, this form has its drawbacks. Firstly, its price is almost always higher, and the shelf life is usually less than that of the capsules. Secondly, it is more difficult to check the quality of the additive or determine the fake. Thirdly, sometimes athletes receive reviews about the appearance of gastrointestinal problems when taking a liquid form. Otherwise, there are no differences.

how to take l-carnitine liquid

How to Take L-Carnitine Liquid?

You need to understand that in how to take L-Carnitine for weight loss, there is no difference between the forms of the supplement. The only difference in absorption can only be how many minutes before exercising you need to consume a portion. For example, regarding forms, the following standards exist:

  • Tablets – 30-40 minutes before training;
  • Capsules – 20-30 minutes before exercise;
  • Liquid form – 15-20 minutes before cardio.
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It is also worth considering that the daily dosage is on average 2 grams. Exceeding this amount of L-Carnitine per day does not give benefits, but it can potentially lead to the appearance of negative effects. Taking a smaller amount per day will not accelerate fat burning and is suitable only for preventive measures. It is also important to remember that L-Carnitine works exclusively during exercise. Without sports, the supplement will only be useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system, strengthening bones, etc.


There is no difference between the forms of L-Carnitine. All can take the supplement in liquid form, accelerating the action of the substance for 3-6 minutes. If this feature is evaluated as an advantage, then it is better to give preference to the liquid form, but it is worth remembering that most often it is more expensive if you calculate the amount of substance and the cost of a portion. Otherwise, it is better to choose a supplement based on financial benefits or specific preferences in sports brands.


  1. Hi! I tend to sip on my Post JYM in the middle of my workout. Do I really need to take it and my carb source exactly at the same time or is there a time window of some sort? Workouts vary between 1 – 2hrs. Thanks for all of the great info.

    • Hi! You can take carbs right after your workout. But you can also continue to use it the way you’re using it now, you’re fine

  2. Does L-carnitine give you acne? I’m prone to acne and I have noticed my acne broke out after taking L-Carnitine for a week now.

    • Well, there is a new research which shows that when applied topically, L-Carnitine, an amino acid produced naturally in the body, is effective in treating oily skin. So, maybe this is an individual reaction?


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