About Us

Fitgid.net is a new format fitness site for those, who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but don’t know where to start.


Our site is aimed at helping people who have decided to start exercising, or practicing yoga, or who want to improve their figure. The main advantage of our project is a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle. Unlike other modern sites, Fitgid.net is not limited to exercise descriptions. Here you can find detailed information about how to strengthen your muscles, as well as about proper nutrition, supplements and equipment. Our professional trainers have managed to develop sets of exercises for people of all ages and fitness levels.

In the Training section, there are simple and effective exercises for all muscle groups, tips how to keep young and healthy. Also there are exercises for young mothers who are struggling with excess weight, flabby abdominal muscles or stretch marks.

The yoga for beginners section will introduce you not only to asanas and spiritual practices. Here you can find answers to when to start and how to organize yoga for babies and strengthen the body of pregnant women. Here you can also find the information about yoga for the elderly with the complex, specially designed with some restrictions, allowing you to practice without the risk of sprains and spikes in blood pressure.


The weight loss and diet section is notable for its physiologically based approach to the problems of excess weight. Fitgid.net trainers will teach you how to calculate your body mass index correctly, which will help you calculate your ideal weight. In this section you can find not only different diets, but also ways to reduce appetite, exercises and procedures for more effective weight loss. All diets and exercises are selected and designed in such a way as to get the maximum effect without stress for the body and harming your health. Also on our site you can find a unique safe diet for nursing mothers and a list of prohibited and healthy foods during breastfeeding.

In the nutrition section, we explain all the principles of healthy eating. Here you can find answers to questions how to maintain water balance, what foods to choose for weight loss or weight gain, recipes for delicious and healthy meals.

In the sports supplements section, there are descriptions and applications of unsaturated fatty acids, dietary supplements, essential amino acids and substances that help to gain weight or maintain body health.


The training section is divided into exercises for different muscle groups, stretching, skin tightening treatments, exercises for therapeutic gymnastics, and training with various training equipment. In each article you will find a detailed technique with photos and videos.

The equipment section will help beginners choose the equipment, clothing and shoes for training.

Fitgid.net – your personal online trainer.