Crossfit Gloves: How to Choose, Types, Sizes, Pros and Cons

Equipment affects the effectiveness of the training process. Sportswear and shoes help to improve results and protect against injuries. But today we will not talk about sneakers or compression shorts, but about another useful accessory, namely crossfit gloves.

Crossfit Gloves: Pros and Cons

Many experienced athletes who have many many years in the industry are skeptical about the use of crossfit gloves. Many years ago when some of these athletes started training, even chalk was not in every gym. Therefore, veterans of strength sports are used to training without any additional accessory.  However, let’s look at some of the pro’s and then some con’s of the use of crossfit gloves.


Crossfit gloves have many benefits:

  • Strengthening the grip. Working with your own body weight on the bar involves heavy loads on the wrist joints and hands. Gloves for pull-ups allow you to grip the bar more tightly and increase the number of reps.
  • A lot of people come to the gym every day. Naturally, bacteria accumulate on the equipment with a large flow of visitors. The athlete reduces the risk of catching a skin infection even if he uses simple gloves.
  • Increased sweating occurs during intense exercise. This can cause the barbell or dumbbell to slip out of your palms. Crossfit gloves allow you to avoid equipment falling out of your hands.
  • Damage protection. Training with metal equipment inevitably leads to the formation of abrasions, bruises, scratches, and calluses. Thick gloves can help reduce the risk of minor injuries and severe roughness on the palms.


Increased sweating directly under the material is the main disadvantage of crossfit gloves. The result may be irritation of the skin due to the multiplication of bacteria. Therefore, you should wash the workout gloves before the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

crossfit workout gloves

Types of Crossfit Gloves

Crossfit gloves are typically grouped into women’s and men’s. Their design is similar, but the main difference is only in size and in some cases color.

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There is also a division according to the purpose of the application:

  • This includes gloves for pulling up and training with light equipment. These models are made of thin materials and are used as a means of protection against scratches, for hygienic purposes, as well as to prevent slipping.
  • This category includes gloves for bodybuilding and weightlifting. These gloves are typically made of durable fabrics, most often leather, and have additional pads for safety when working with heavy weights.

Amateur and professional models are usually made “without fingers”. Although some crossfit gloves have full-fledged hand protection.

Such models are covered on the inside with a special material that prevents sliding on the crossbar. Similar gloves are used in Workout.

how to choose crossfit gloves

How to Choose Crossfit Gloves?

The range of crossfit gloves in sports stores is often very large. Outwardly, they look almost identical. But in order to find a really suitable glove and not waste money, we recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  • Gloves made of synthetic fabrics are the typical versions you will find in the stores. They are cheap and durable. But if you have skin that is sensitive to irritation, it is best to opt for cotton versions. Leather gloves are considered to be the most suitable for enhancing the grip, but they have the following disadvantages: high cost and rapid abrasion of the inner surface.
  • Pay attention to the location and number of “breathing” holes. If they do not have any perforation, then it is most likely that you should look at another store. Gloves without perforations will constantly create an increased amount of sweating of the hands and may cause skin irritation. This may be of particular importance to female athletes who also want soft beautiful hands, so we recommend that they purchase gloves with a fully meshed top.
  • Almost all workout gloves are made with fastener on the wrist. It is recommended that the “tongue” of the fastening is wide. This will improve the fit on the forearm. Bodybuilders should look for gloves with an elasticized band around the wrist to help secure the glove to the hands when doing strength exercises with heavy weights.
  • Additional accessories. Buy specialized gloves with steel hooks built into the glove if you are a beginner and can’t hold onto the crossbar for a long time. This will help relieve the muscles of the forearms and allow you to perform pull-ups without the risk of falling from the horizontal bar.
  • Protection against mechanical stress. More expensive gloves are equipped with special rubber inserts that reduce the likelihood of bruising or scratching. In addition, a rubber “notch” on the inside helps to hold the equipment better or hang on the crossbar longer.
how to size crossfit gloves

How to Size Crossfit Gloves?

You will need a tape measure to measure the size of your hand. Wrap the tape across your hand and calculate the circumference of your palm. Compare the number (in inches) with the data given below.

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Women’s Sizes

  • S: 7″;
  • M: 8″.

Men’s Sizes

  • L: 9″;
  • XL: 10″;
  • XXL: 11″.

All gloves made of genuine leather will gradually stretch. Therefore, select a size that fits snugly when they are new as they will loosen up over time and you don’t want them to end up too loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Crossfit Gloves?

Our recommended brands are as follows: Rogue Mechanix, Reebok, Nike, Under Armour and Mava Sports.

How to Wash Crossfit Gloves?

If using a mashing machine, it is recommended to wash gloves using only on the handwash setting.

How to Disinfect Сrossfit Gloves?

Apply disinfectant to the outside of your gloves, then turn then inside out and apply to the inside as well.  Leave to airdry before packing them away in your gym bag.


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