How to Build Bigger Arms: The Best Arm Exercises

Draw your future with a strong hand! A set of exercises that will efficiently improve all the muscles of the arms: biceps, triceps, and forearms.

Biceps and triceps are the most noticeable muscles of the male body, so their definition should be done first. We offer you a list of exercises the will help you quickly develop strength and increase the muscle mass of your arms without losing their harmony.

Nature has already set optimal proportions to the muscles of the arms. Flexor muscles account for about 40 percent of muscle volume, while triceps – everything else, i.e. 60 percent. It would seem that nature was mistaken. It is well known that the strength of the flexors and extensors serving a single joint must be balanced. Otherwise, dangerous distortions will occur inside the joint, leading to an injury.

Meanwhile, the strength of a muscle is determined not so much by its physical size as by the anatomical mechanics of attachment to the bones. As for the triceps, its strength is divided between three bundles. They are attached so intricately that there is hardly enough excess triceps to balance the total power of the biceps, brachial, and brachioradialis muscles. So with an unequal size, the flexors and extensors of the elbows are perfectly balanced. Your training task is an extreme hypertrophy of all the muscles of the arms while maintaining the original natural balance, which is described by the formula 40:60.

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Anatomy of Arms

The main muscles of the arms are:

  1. Biceps (biceps muscle of the shoulder). It allows you to bend the arm in the elbow joint, provides abduction and adduction of the arm when the hand is turned palm up (supination).
  2. Triceps (triceps muscle of the shoulder). It provides an extension of the arm in the elbow joint and its removal back.
  3. Forearms. Their main function is the flexion and extension of the fingers, the movement of the fingers and arms.

Before you begin training, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the muscles of the arms.

best exercises for bigger arms

The Best Exercises for Bigger Arms

We divided the exercises into muscle groups for easy navigation.

Bicep Exercises

Today you will learn how to build biceps. We will show effective exercises, anatomy of muscles, analyze training biceps.

Here are the best exercises to increase the strength and volume of biceps. All exercises have a description and a photo demonstrating the execution.

Barbell Bicep Curl

Bending your arms with a barbell is the most popular exercise in gyms. It is the main exercise for the development of the biceps, as well as the inner surface of the forearm.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Bending your arms with dumbbells is one of the best exercises in bodybuilding to train your biceps. Here we look at all the options for performing this specific exercise.

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Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl – an insulating exercise in bodybuilding aimed at the development of biceps and brachial muscle (brachialis).

Cable Bicep Curl

Bending the arms on the lower block is an exercise in bodybuilding for the definition of the biceps of the shoulder (biceps).

Preacher Curls

Bending the arms on Scott’s bench is an exercise in bodybuilding for a focused training of the biceps of the shoulder (biceps).

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Concentration Bicep Curl

The characteristic of this exercise is a large range of motion and a powerful peak contraction at the top point. The maximum pressure in this exercise is on the biceps.

Bicep Stretches

Stretching your biceps after a workout helps to prevent injuries and speed recovery.

Tricep Exercises

Today you will learn the drills for triceps. We will show effective exercises, muscle anatomy, and talk about the characteristics of triceps training.

Here you will find the best basic triceps exercises for a quality triceps training with a description and a photo demonstration.

Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press

A close grip bench press is a basic exercise in bodybuilding, when all three triceps muscles (long, lateral and medial) work simultaneously.

Seated French Press

Today we will look at all the ways to do the French bench press with a detailed exercise technique.

Tricep Pushdown

Tricep pushdown is a perfect exercise for the lateral and medial triceps head.

Tricep Stretches

Stretching triceps will help accelerate muscle recovery and increase their growth rate after strength exercises.

Forearm Exercise

Today you will learn how to build your forearms. We will show effective exercises and explain the anatomy of these muscles.

Here you will find the best exercises for a quality workout of the forearms with a description and a photo demonstration

Forearm Stretches

Stretching the forearms helps to restore muscle after training, prevents the risk of injuries, increases the elasticity of the ligaments, and also helps to increase the flexibility and mobility of the joints.


    • Hi! They are both located in the upper arm, though they belong to different muscle groups: posterior and anterior. So it is fine to work biceps and triceps on the same day.

    • To get muscle definition, your body fat composition has to be low. For this, you need to build a healthy diet. Without it you’ll still get stronger, but not more defined.

    • During exercise your body produces lactic acid which leads to that burning feeling. Basically, it lets you know when your muscles have had enough. It can be considered as a sign that your muscles are being challenged, and they will grow.


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