Decline Bench Sit-Ups: How To Do & Features

The Decline Bench Sit-Ups is one of the dominant and most effective exercises for training abs muscles.

In a classic crunch on the floor, the muscles quickly get used to the workout. One way to expand and
increase the efficiency of training the abdominal muscles is to do decline bench sit-ups. Exercise
can be performed both with the resistance of your weight and flexibility of the spine, with a change in the
angle of inclination of the bench or the use of weights such as a weight plate from the bar.

How to Do Decline Bench Sit-Ups

Lie on an decline bench or a Roman chair. Lock the legs under the special rollers and fully straighten the
torso. Keep your hands in front of your chest or behind your head. On exhale, due to the tension of the
rectus abdominal muscle, twist the torso and lift. On inhale, slowly return to the starting position.

Features of Decline Bench Sit-Ups

When performing twisting with lifting the weight on an declined bench, do not use inertia. Movements should
be slow and controlled. The tailbone should be pressed firmly against the bench. Do not bend your neck too
much and do not try to reach your chest with your chin. The head should remain neutral with respect to the
cervical spine. Do not help yourself by bending your torso. The movement should be due to the activation
and isolation of the abdominal muscles. Keep your shoulders in front. The chest should be straightened and
the shoulder blades lowered. Exhale raising the body, and inhale returning to its original position.

features of decline bench sit-ups

To work on oblique muscles of the abdomen, add turns to the right and left while lifting the body. If you feel
that these exercises are to easy for you, use additional weights, like a pancake or a dumbbell. But be
careful, this should not be to the detriment of the right technique. The abs muscles are responsible for
flexion of the lumbar-thoracic spine. Try to focus on this particular movement and use your legs as little as
possible. To boost the workout the load, increase the angle of the bench.


    • Decline bench sit-ups are more effective than regular crunches, as there is a wider range of motion. This exercise helps strengthen your rectus abdominis. As a result, you get defined and strong ab muscles.

    • Here proper form is very important. There is a high risk of injury to the lower back. Some trainers actually discourage doing them at all. But my opinion is that you can do the exercise if you stick to the exercise technique.


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