Kettlebell Push Press: How To Do & Muscles Worked

The Kettlebell Push Press replaces the familiar barbell Military Press technique. In addition, it requires the work of a large number of muscles to hold and squeeze the kettlebell. Previously, this exercise was included in the mandatory of fitness tournaments. Now the Push Press is used separately, not only in CrossFit, but also in gyms as an aid for the development of the deltoid muscles.

What Muscles Do Kettlebell Push Press Work?

Firstly, when doing the Kettlebell Push Press, the deltoid muscles are turned on, especially the anterior bundles. Additional muscles are: triceps, upper part of trapezius muscle and rhomboid muscle. In addition to the main muscles, the back and abdominal muscles work in this exercise. They stabilize the position when lifting the kettlebell. The benefit here is that this does not happen with the Barbell Military Press. Push Press develops deep muscles that do not work in isolation deltoid exercises.

What Are The Benefits Of A Kettlebell Push Press?

Consider the benefits of the Kettlebell Push Press:

  • Develops the strength and mass of the deltoid muscles and triceps of the shoulder;
  • Increases the overall endurance of the body;
  • Improves joint mobility;
  • Improves the work of the heart muscle;
  • Speeds up metabolism.


The Kettlebell Push Press has the following contraindications:

  • Hernias;
  • Disc protrusion;
  • Spondylolisthesis;
  • Joint pain when working even with a small weight.

Try to perform the upward press in a concentrated manner. Do not jerk at the same time.

push press kettlebell

Where To Begin?

  • Warm up the muscles and joints of not only the shoulder girdle, but the whole body. Since the Kettlebell Push Press is not an isolated workout for the arms, but the muscles of the back and abdomen are also engaged. Therefore, it is important to avoid injury by fully warming up.
  • To begin with, choose a small workload weight (approximately 15 lbs). Do the exercise with less weight if it is difficult for you.
  • When you have mastered the technique with one arm, begin the Double Kettlebell Push Press. Choose the load wisely.
  • Learn the technique of lifting the kettlebell to its original position. A jerk, or lifting the kettlebell to its original position, is as follows: in a slope with a straight back, grasp the handle of the kettlebell; swing back and forth, allowing the weight to fly up. In the middle of the amplitude, bend your elbow and gently turn your hand so that the weight rests on your forearm.
  • Under no circumstances do jerks through when feeling pain. Always keep your back straight. Avoid trauma to intervertebral discs and avoid nerve entrapment.
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How To Do The One-Arm Kettlebell Push Press?

The technique for doing the One-Arm Kettlebell Push Press looks like this:

  • Starting position. The feet are slightly wider than the pelvis. Grasp the handle in the tilt with one hand and do a jerk of the kettlebell to the chest.
  • Place your elbow close to your torso. The kettlebell should rest on the forearm, and the hand near the shoulder joint. Keep your other arm loosely to the side.
  • Tighten your back and abdominal muscles. Keep your spine straight.
  • As you exhale, do a push up. Lift the kettlebell vertically above the shoulder joint. Turn the hand with the weight from yourself.
  • As you inhale, slowly lower the kettlebell down the same path.
  • Perform the required number of reps. Take the weight in your other hand and repeat the same number of reps.

Straighten your elbow (as if dropping a kettlebell) after doing the exercise. This movement should not be accompanied by a jerk in the joints. Gently lower the weight with your back straight.

How To Do The Double Kettlebell Push Press?

The technique for doing the Double Kettlebell Push Press is as follows:

  • Place two kettlebells together. Stand in front of them in a stable position (with feet slightly wider than the pelvis).
  • Do a tilt and grab the handles. Perform a throw of two weights to the starting position: kettlebells at the shoulder and the elbows are as close to the body as possible.
  • As you exhale, push both weights up. Do not move the body back.
  • As you inhale, lower the kettlebells to the starting point.
  • Execute the set and carefully drop the weights (without jerking).
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Remember to do the exercise in a concentrated manner. Try to isolate the shoulders from getting help of the pelvis and legs.


  • To develop strength, the exercise must be performed for 4-6 reps for each hand (or two hands at the same time). Working with heavy weights for strength development requires good physical fitness. For a more advanced workout, the Double Kettlebell Push Press can be executed with a weight of 50 lbs.
  • Choose lighter kettlebells if you are aiming to do more reps or working to failure.
  • When developing endurance, select a kettlebell weight that allows you to perform more than 15 reps.
  • For the muscle growth and mass mass, aim for 8-12 reps for 3-4 sets.

Do not forget to focus on correct execution and technique.


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